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Dual Battery System Basics ebook cover

Dual Battery System Basics


Dual Battery basics is a quick reference guide and crash course I've put together from the most commonly asked questions I get about 12V Systems in camping and caravanning applications.


This isn't just a quick throw together pamphlet. Dual Battery Basics contains genuine electrical knowledge from working in the electrical industry for over a decade.


I made this eBook for anyone that wants to understand their electrical camping system or to potentially complete some simple repairs that don't need expert electrical knowledge.


Hope this helps keep you POWERED UP!


If this eBook has helped you understand your system, please leave it a review letting me know how it helped you out!

DISCLAIMER - This product contains general information only and is not intended to be specific advice to any individual installation.

As such, it should not be interpreted as an electrical installation or instruction manual or similar product.

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