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About Our Family

Welcome to Out N About Australia.

August 2018 marked a big step for us as a family relocating from the coast to the bush with a plan of earning big dollars so we didn't have to be bound by the 9-5 daily grind. 

Pretty soon after baby number 2 we realised what we're most passionate about, spending time together as a family in the great outdoors.

So we thought, "Why not start a product review channel on Youtube that shows our holiday travel blog and travel videos?"

We're no different than most, We both still work and get

Out n About as much as we can.

Really, we're just lovers of adventuring and making the most of time as a family.

We hope that our photos and videos give you some ideas of how you can easily get out more, enjoy extra time with your family or friends & just get the most out of life!


Any questions about where we go or what we get up to, don't be afraid to get onto us on the socials or by email or just drop some comments on our YouTube videos!!


Get "Out n About" and enjoy it!


Luke, Kim, Harper, Evie & Norah

Travelling family from Out N About Australia
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