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7 Reasons we LOVE the ROLA Titan Roof Rack


These days there's a crazy amount of accessories that can be bolted to your roof rack. When we were choosing a roof rack for our ute setup we were blown away by all the different options out there!

We went with the ROLA Titan Roof Rack and it has been one of, if not, THE best item in our Ute storage setup.

Below are 7 reasons we love the ROLA Titan Roof Rack and we reckon you will too!

1. Easy Installation

One of the first things you'll appreciate about the Rola Titan Roof Rack is its user-friendly installation process. The package typically includes all the necessary hardware, and the instructions are clear and concise. In most cases, you can have it up and ready in about an hour with minimal tools and basic DIY skills.

rola titan roof rack mounting bracket

2. Solid Construction

The Rola Titan Roof Rack is built to last. Constructed from a robust aluminium, the rack can withstand harsh weather conditions and is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Its black powder coating not only adds to its durability but also complements the aesthetics of most vehicles. When you're out camping, you can rest easy knowing your gear is secure and isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

3. Generous Cargo Capacity

This roof rack offers a generous cargo capacity, which is perfect for campers who need to carry a variety of gear. Whether you're transporting camping essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and Eskies or outdoor equipment such as kayaks, bikes, and fishing gear, the Rola Titan Roof Rack provides enough space to accommodate your needs. Its dimensions vary and are well-suited to fit various cargo carriers, baskets, and roof boxes, making it incredibly versatile.

rola titan roof rack usable capacity

"It's been one of, if not, THE best item in our Ute storage setup!"

4. Versatile Accessories

The Rola Titan Roof Rack isn't just a rack; it's a platform for customization. There's a wide range of compatible accessories available, such as cargo bags, awnings, and mounting brackets for bikes or watercraft. These add-ons enhance the rack's versatility, ensuring that it can adapt to your specific camping requirements.

rola titan roof rack side rail

5. Secure and Stable

Safety is a top priority when traveling with a loaded roof rack. The Rola Titan Roof Rack features a robust attachment system, providing excellent stability and minimizing any wobbling or noise during your journey. The rack includes rubber buffer strips to protect both your gear and your vehicle's finish, ensuring a secure and worry-free ride.

rola titan roof rack side rail and logo

6. The ROLA Brand

I've used ROLA products through my career in the mining industry. Rola has a history of providing a tough product that does what it promises.

After experiencing products like the ROLA Ladder Rack or Ladder Peg, it was easy to buy the Titan Tray Roof Rack and expect it to be up to the task.

rola titan roof rack rear rail and logo

7. The Price

While a roof rack isn't a necessity, it's a great investment for those times where you run out of storage.

It's great value for money when compared to some of its competitors, priced at $899 (Anaconda Club Discount) at the time of writing. The combination of build quality, cargo capacity, and compatibility with accessories makes it a really solid option for camping an touring travellers.


To sum it up, the Rola Titan Roof Rack has been a great addition to our ute setup. Its durability, usable capacity, sleek look and versatility in accommodating a wide range of accessories make it a top choice for touring adventurers. Whether we've been heading into the bush for a weekend getaway or heading out on an extended trip, the Rola Titan Roof Rack has been solid and reliable for our travels.

touring ute parked at sunset

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