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Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The Cooker Coleman claims is “wind proof“!

coleman hyperflame gas stove with kettle and cast iron pan

Could there be a bigger claim for a gas cooker? We don't think so, but this is exactly the claim that Coleman has made with the Fyreknight from their Hyperflame range.

“Jump forward to planning our very next trip, and we decide we NEED a more reliable cooker, so researching we went.....”

This is the cheapest Coleman Fyreknight price we've found.

Why we splurged on a better cooker.

So our first trip away in the new Prado almost finished before it even got started.

Cooking on a cheap $25 butane cooker usually isn't the end of the world, but when you're in Junee and it's -2 degrees, pretty much means nothing gets cooked and no water gets boiled.

Jump forward to planning our very next trip, and we decide we NEED a more reliable cooker, so researching we went....

After looking through Tentworld and every other online camping store, we decided we would give the Fyreknight a's why:

  • Windblock Technology

Coleman has engineered the Pot Supports for the Fyreknight to be just about unaffected by any windy environment you put it in.

These things work an absolute treat and I reckon I can guarantee the wind would have blown away our camp before the it blew out a burner.

gas burner of a coleman hyperflame stove

Coleman's windblock technology stops the burners being blown out

  • Efficient

With our trailer and the setup we run we don't have a whole lot of room, so we only carry a 1.25kg gas bottle to supply the Fyreknight.

This little 1.25kg gas bottle still gives us enough to last about 5 days cooking, cleaning and boiling water without a hassle.

It’s also pretty rare we’ve ever needed to crank the burners up higher than half way which saves loads of gas over a 5 day stretch.

  • Easy to Use

If you can open a suitcase you can use this cooker. The cover opens with just a single tough latch and is held up by one stability bar off to the side.

The gas is regulated by an included pre set Coleman regulator that screws straight in so there's no pressure issues either.

  • Burner Size

The Fyreknight has enough room to cook on 2 full size 300mm pots at the same time.

Makes life easy if your cooking tea and the missus suddenly wants a cuppa!

  • Burner POWER

The Fyreknight burners have enough grunt for any cooking task you put infront of it but still enough control to stop things burning.

Easy enough to quickly boil a 2.5L kettle or simmer a stew or curry without worrying about it burning.

Enough of why we DID choose the Coleman Fyreknight. The real question is how has it gone since we got it?

We really struggled to find anything we didn't enjoy about this cooker but if we had to get really picky all we could come up with is...

coleman hyperflame cooking omelette and boiling water

  • The Latch

Not a big issue but the bar Coleman have used to hold the lid open when using the unit is a bit flimsy. If you don't set it up just right, it has a tendency to fall out of the slot it sits in.

Doesn't affect operating the cooker, it's just a little annoying.

  • The Heat Intensity

Now this is just about getting to know the unit. Because Coleman have used a preset regulator, the main controls are a bit touchy and it's easy to run the cooker a bit too hot as we found out.

However, after a few cooks and learning to control the temperature it becomes second nature and easy to dial in.

The Wrap Up

Overall, this cooker for us was an investment well worth the money. Coupled with a decent gas bottle (either 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 4kg or 9kg) the Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight will have even the most average camp chef turning out better feeds than they're used to at home!

At the time of writing this is the cheapest Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight

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