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Darche 450 BBQ Firepit

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Cook a feed or warm up in winter, this is one bit of quality gear.

fire burning in a portable fire pit

If you're after a fire pit to cook with, keep you warm or both, this one might be for you.

"If you've never cooked by fire, you're missing out!”

Let's just preface this review quickly by saying "If you've never cooked by fire, you're missing out!"

There's nothing better than cooking up a feed a good feed and cooking over fire adds a whole new element to nearly every food.

Darche supply 2 different size fire pits. Both stemming from the ever popular Snow Peak design.

If you've looking into a folding fire pit, you would know they are all the rage at the moment. Mainly as there are a lot of campsites and National Parks are starting to crack down on controlling open fires or just flat out ban them.

The reason people are looking into this style more than the rest is simply that the folding design (in our opinion) is just superior.

  1. The raised fire allows loads more airflow, keeping you fire hotter and more efficient.

  2. Full 201 stainless steel frame & body.

  3. 304 Grade Stainless Steel cooking grate.

  4. Galvanised Baseplate protecting grassy campsites.

  5. 450mm x 450mm fire size.

The unit also come in a nice handy bag that's still large enough that you don't need to struggle to squeeze every component in, which is a nice feature.


Using the firepit to cook with is a treat on it's own.

The stainless grill is versatile enough to easily cook a steak directly over your fire, or adjust the height of the cooking grill and sit you camp oven over flames or hot coals to cook over a longer time.

Everything from dampers, stews, curries, is easy once you've locked in the grill at the right height.

What we love about it

  1. Full Stainless Construction - not worrying about rust and corrosion is a big deal when gear sits in the shed or in the back of your car or caravan for long periods of time. A Full Stainless Steel construction gives you that peace of mind.

  2. Big Cooking Grill - Being able to fit a good half dozen steaks as well as a camp oven full of veggies make cooking a breeze and a pleasure to cook on.

  3. Stability - Even without the base plate, the fire pit sits very stable on the ground when fully loaded with wood or the cooking grill on top..

  4. Airflow - The amount of air the fire pit allows is unbelievable. The design allows for air to flow from underneath the unit, from the sides and escape up through the fire high enough that smoke isn't an issue.

  5. Not much Smoke - Because the airflow is so good, the fire burns much more efficiently allowing little to no smoke when burning good seasoned wood.

What could be better

  1. Carry Bag - Although the bag does everything it's supposed to, the quality lacks a little in comparison to the fire pit itself. The bag only has 2 velcro straps holding it together and the poly/nylon material may not be as forgiving to the elements as the fire pit itself.

  2. Trivet - The trivet in the fire pit, although VERY effective, is a cast iron material, adding to overall weight and isn't as forgiving to the elements.

Overall we love the Darche 450 BBQ Fire Pit and we have and will definitely be using it on the majority of our travels.

If your interested in purchasing your own Darche Fire Pit check out the range by following the link below.

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